Safety at work and industrial safety:
our commitments to prevention and responsible behaviour

Safety at work and industrial safety are at the heart of our concerns. At METEX, we actively promote a behavioural approach to safety, with the aim of constantly reinforcing our accident prevention measures.
To ensure everyone’s safety, we continually assess and reduce the most significant risks, applying the general principles of prevention. Training and awareness-raising for all our staff are essential to promote a safety culture. We attach particular importance to optimal working conditions, taking into account workspaces, psychosocial risks and the well-being of our employees.


Working with subcontractors who have a solid organisation in terms of health, safety and the environment is essential for us. Each incident or accident is analysed in depth, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken to avoid any repetition.

Our commitment to safety is not limited to the status quo. We constantly strive to improve our performance by reinforcing individual and collective behaviour with regard to safety at work. We are also developing management maturity so that our managers play an active role in accident prevention.

Safety is a core value of our Groupe and guides every decision we take. We recognise and encourage best practice and exemplary behaviour, because we believe that everyone should be actively involved in our approach to prevention.

We also ensure the reliability of our facilities through rigorous periodic monitoring of our equipment. Preventing technological accidents is one of our core concerns, as is security at our company to prevent any wilful damage. We are prepared for emergencies thanks to our adapted and resilient organisation.


At METEX, safety is a responsibility shared by everyone.. By promoting a behavioural approach and reinforcing our prevention measures, we foster a safe and healthy environment where everyone can thrive in complete confidence.

Our commitment to safety reflects our responsibility towards our employees, our customers, our partners and our environment to build a safe and sustainable future together.