the ingredient for change

The METabolic EXplorer Group is a European leader in the production of functional ingredients by industrial fermentation. Its products derived from renewable materials are used in animal nutrition, the formulation of cosmetics and speciality products, and as intermediates in the synthesis of biomaterials.

With its innovative, competitive and environmentally-friendly solutions, METEX provides a response to the challenges of the green transition and consumers’ growing demands for natural solutions and sustainability.


what is it?

Fermentation is the use of micro-organisms to produce the ingredients our customers need in a natural and renewable way. In practical terms, our teams create cultures of non-pathogenic micro-organisms from plant-based raw materials such as beet sugar, glycerine from vegetable oils, recycled oils, etc., in small- and large-volume fermenters, under optimum conditions of purity, temperature and aeration.  The cultures are then purified, by separating the biomass, to obtain the desired product.

Our fermentation processes and the products they create help to reduce our customers’ environmental footprint, thanks to the use of natural, renewable and local raw materials.

Essential components

of everyday products

We develop and produce key ingredients for everyday products. Among these ingredients, 1,3-propanediol (PDO) is used in the formulation of cosmetics and the manufacture of polymers for textile products, sustainable construction biomaterials and other bioplastics. We also produce a wide range of amino acids and butyric acid (BA), an organic acid used in animal nutrition and healthcare products. Butyric acid is also used in the fragrances and flavours industry.

The glycolic acid (GA) process we have developed at our research centre has applications in cosmetics and detergents, as well as in the production of bio-sourced and biodegradable polymers used, for example, in bioresorbable medical devices.

Our value creation

Our industrial bioproduction, a sustainable alternative to petrochemicals, is implemented in our two plants in France. It meets the challenges of the green transition, while creating value for our stakeholders.

For our customers…
… ‘made in France’ processes and key low-carbon ingredients for their consumer products.

For institutions…
… a local and responsible bio-economy essential to European sovereignty in terms of strategic supplies such as amino acids, which are essential ingredients in the meat production chain.

For the regions…
… local production that creates jobs and boosts development and economic attractiveness.

For financial players…
…a position as European leader in the bioproduction of amino acids, European production of PDO and AB, a visionary strategy fully aligned with proven implementation capabilities.

For our teams…
… a human adventure guided by the desire to be useful by making a real contribution to the world of tomorrow.


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