We are METEX, the European leader in the production of bio-based functional ingredients by fermentation. We produce components that are essential to the manufacture of everyday products.

We are helping to preserve a more circular and sustainable industry by reducing the carbon footprint of everyday products and contributing to the challenges of climate change, human health and animal health and welfare.

We offer our customers local sourcing of low-carbon ingredients through our innovative natural alternatives, enabling them to meet their sustainability challenges.

METEX is the ingredient for change.

Innovative company

METEX is a “provider” of innovative, high-performance solutions: 25 years of expertise in biological fermentation processes.
Producer of solutions offering differentiation and competitiveness key factors to meet the needs of a wide range of sectors.

responsible COMPANY

We are in a team-driven industry, and the influence of people is reflected in the final quality.

Economic actor

2024 Financial calendar
11 January 2024
Strategic transformation plan
11 December 2023
Appointment of Maria Wiltz as Director in charge of Group Business Development Strategy
14 November 2023

Our solutions

local company

We have chosen to locate our production facilities in Europe, as close as possible to our value chains and our customers, and to adopt sustainable, environmentally-friendly production methods.