Our purpose

« To contribute to the essential green transition by innovating to produce and sell low-carbon functional ingredients used in the manufacture of consumer products ». 

This purpose is the very foundation of METEX’s existence, a commitment born almost 25 years ago based on the vision of a sustainable industrial world where petrochemicals would give way to an alternative biological chemistry that is more profitable for both people and the planet.

It is even more important today, as climate change is accelerating, necessitating a profound transformation in our production and consumption methods.

Our natural ingredients

Every day, we work to design solutions that help combat global warming and protect our environment and our planet. These solutions are what we call functional ingredients, which are used in the manufacture of numerous consumer goods such as products used in animal feed, personal care creams, bio-based textiles and plastics, etc.

What makes them special? They are produced in France, using a patented fermentation process based on local and natural plant matter.

Our contribution to a low-carbon world

Thanks to our biochemical processes and the ingredients they produce, we are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial value chain.

In animal nutrition, the carbon footprint of the amino acids we produce in France is five times smaller than that of the same ingredients produced in China. As a result, our production avoids the import into France of almost 700,000 tonnes of COevery year. What’s more, using METEX solutions reduces the carbon footprint of European livestock farms by more than 6 million tonnes of CO2.

In cosmetics, the carbon footprint of our PDO, a natural preservative, is 30% lower than the propylene glycol it replaces. What’s more, its production requires no additional agricultural land. Along with glycolic acid, another functional ingredient in our portfolio, it is an essential component of bio-sourced and biodegradable plastics that are totally dissociated from carbon-based fossils.