As a digital service, this website has been subject to an eco-design approach.

This means that the environmental aspect, and in particular its energy footprint, has been integrated into the design and development phases, as well as into its hosting.

This “digital sobriety” approach aims to limit the pollution caused by digital services, whose exponential growth contradicts the challenges and commitments of the ecological and energy transition.

In concrete terms, eco-design provides solutions for developing services that consume less energy without compromising performance. What’s more, these best practices have a positive impact on extending the lifespan of IT equipment, as they make content accessible on older, less efficient terminals and environments.

For implementation purposes, the design was based in particular on the guidelines and recommendations produced by the “Responsible Digital Design” Collective. It’s important to stress that this is a continuous improvement process, and that the site’s eco-design and content will continue to be optimized throughout its lifespan.

As of October 27, 2023, the new version of the METEX website has an EcoIndex C (GreenIT-Analysis measure), a global Score of B 73/100 (Yellow Tab measure) and a score of 85/100 on