At METEX, we share 4 values: inventiveness, adaptability, cross-functionality and competitiveness.
They are the foundation of our corporate culture and guide us in everything we do, every day.


We encourage curiosity, imagination and initiative.

We believe that open-mindedness, creativity and a taste for challenge and performance are essential ingredients for innovation. To ensure sustainable growth for METEX, everyone must be able and dare to step out of their comfort zone, be a driving force, be creative and take risks in complete confidence.


We know how to listen, so as to better understand and adapt.

Being adaptable means listening to your environment and understanding the issues so you can respond more effectively. It also means knowing how to challenge yourself in order to make constant progress. Finally, it means being pragmatic, forward-looking and responsive in defining priorities and taking decisions at all levels of the organisation.


We encourage constructive cooperation to achieve success.

We are convinced that success is a matter of individual and collective efficiency. We encourage discussion, take everyone’s needs into account and challenge each other’s ideas so that together we can devise solutions for tomorrow. Our team spirit is a driving force behind our ambitions, and a guarantee of long-term success for METEX.


We share an appetite for effort and pushing ourselves to the limit.

We see our mission as a competition that pushes us further every day to demonstrate the strength of our commitment and the excellence of our expertise. Determined and persevering, guided by the challenges of optimising our technologies, our ambition is to transform innovation into growth.