Consumers have increasingly high expectations in terms of the sustainability, circularity, natural and local origin, and carbon reduction of the products they buy.

We are responding with our METEX Consumer Care range, which offers ingredients of natural origin dedicated to the formulation of cosmetics, paints, surface treatment products, technical fluids, etc.

Our ingredients, whether active or multifunctional, are designed to improve the environmental performance of formulations for a wide range of consumer products.

They are produced using fermentation processes based on renewable raw materials in our two French plants.

With no compromise on quality or performance, they have the dual advantage of being easily substitutable for fossil-based products and much more sustainable than the latter.

All our production processes are part of an eco-design approach to reduce, reuse and recover inputs and utilities as much as possible.

METEX PROPANEDIOL, the only 1,3-Propanediol produced in Europe for applications in cosmetics formulations, detergents, inks, paints, technical fluids, etc.

METEX BUTYRIC ACID, a bio-based butyric acid for flavours and fragrances.

COMING SOON : METEX GLYCOLIC ACID, the world’s first glycolic acid of natural origin for biosourced and biodegradable polymers.

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