METEX Animal Nutrition is our range of solutions for the animal nutrition market that respond to the new sustainability challenges facing livestock farming, including better use of resources, reducing the impact of livestock production on climate change, reducing the use of antimicrobials and improving animal welfare.

Contributing to a sustainable, high-performance feed strategy

Amino acids play a fundamental role in the sustainability of animal production sectors. With this in mind, METEX has developed solutions that help to improve the efficiency of nutrients and reduce the carbon footprint of feed production and animal feed chains. Implemented as part of an adapted nutritional strategy to reduce protein levels, our solutions help to optimise nitrogen efficiency and reduce the impact on the climate, while maintaining farm performance levels.

The range includes 10 amino acids, all obtained by fermentation, registered as animal feed additives in the European Union and marketed under different brand names.

Among them, the NOOVALIFETM range includes all the amino acids produced in Europe, at our Amiens plant in France, and renowned for their low carbon footprint.

Contribute to an animal and intestinal welfare strategy

We have also developed an innovative range of solutions available in intestinal health and well-being strategies called INNEUS®. These unique solutions are based on the functionality of amino acids.

METEX Animal Nutrition also offers the first bio-sourced butyric acid salts for animal feed through its B-NOOV® range.

Produced in France, the unique butyric acid fermentation process optimises the use of natural resources through a circular economy model. B-NOOV® provides an alternative to conventional petrochemical sources of butyrates. Butyrates help to improve the assimilation of nutrients within the digestive tract.