In 2016, METEX decided to transform its start-up business model towards a model comprising in-house production at scale and the promotion of solutions resulting from our technologies. This strategic shift has now become an industrial reality serving METEX’s ambition to produce differently and sustainably.

METEX’s transformation agenda crossed paths with an unprecedented global crisis, highlighting the need for production and consumption patterns to move towards a circular and more resilient model.

METEX’s determination to produce industrially in Europe, as close as possible to its value chains, takes on its full meaning in this context. We have chosen to carry out an industrial activity, aware that to be an industrial firm is to bear a heavy responsibility towards many stakeholders: employees, local residents, subcontractors, public authorities, shareholders, suppliers, customers and financiers.

In particular, this requires us to be transparent about our activities, which is at the heart of our CSR approach. In 2021, METEX announced 15 commitments, on which it publishes an annual report measuring the progress made. These 15 commitments fall within METEX’s two key principles:

  • Creating value through innovation
  • Contributing to the green transition

METEX’s CSR approach contributes directly to three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation
  • Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


Creating value : Innovation at the heart of METEX culture


Our commitments

1Be an alternative to conventional processes «Alternative Now»1Develop one new industrialisation-ready process/year
2Bring to market one new product or service per year
2Ability to challenge the status quo3Develop a culture of industrial protection and confidentiality across the group's activities
4To unite all employees around common values and to increase the company's overall performance through effective communication
5Employees are involved in their professional development together with the company
3Working environment6Develop an empowering organisation based on high standards, trust and dialogue
7Guarantee the safety of people at work and of facilities


Being a key player in the ecological transition


Our commitments

4Circular economy8Measure the environmental footprint of our products using Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
9Promote the use and functionality of our solutions
10Buy sustainably by relying on local supplies
11Apply the principles of the circular economy to move towards zero waste
12Industrial sites well integrated into their environment
5Decarbonisation13Reduce the carbon footprint of industrial activities
14Develop a low-carbon product offering
15Help to reduce our customer's environmental footprint

key figures
2022 business year

0 %
flows leaving our plants are recycled
0 %
of METEX's supplies travel less than 300 km
0 %
of METEX products have a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
0 /100
METEX NØØVISTAGO 2024 gender equality (Paris and Amiens locations) for 2023 data
0 /100
METEX 2024 gender equality (St Beauzire location) for 2023 data