Our visionary start-up, created in 1999 to provide an alternative to petrochemicals, is today a European industrial and commercial mid-cap with 450 employees. METEX is a recognised green industrial player and its strategic commitments are ever more relevant given the multiple challenges of the energy transition.

Our industrial fermentation processes are implemented in our two plants in France. Thanks to our 25 years of proven expertise, ranging from innovation to industrial production, we provide the cosmetics, textile, biomaterials and animal nutrition industries with practical solutions for more natural, less carbon-intensive products that deliver equivalent performance.

We use renewable and local raw materials (sugar, glucose, glycerine) which we transform into formulation ingredients, amino acids, organic acids, etc. through virtuous production processes in which 99.6% of the flows leaving our plants are recycled ! The co-products generated during our processes can be used to manufacture protein-rich granules for aquaculture or fertilisers for farmers near the plant.

Convinced that short supply chains are essential to the resilience of value chains, we are positioned as a European supplier to our customers. We also purchase our supplies locally, with 82% of our inputs travelling less than 300km and almost half of our purchases travelling less than 150km.

By choosing METEX, the ingredient for change, our partners are opting for products made in France and manufactured using innovative processes that are constantly being improved and are strategic for Europe’s industrial and food sovereignty.

Together, we’re working to make the world a better place.