BIOCHEMISTRY is the chemistry of the future!

Plant-based biochemistry is an alternative
to unsustainable oil-based chemistry.

In 2050, the world will be home to more than 9 billion people. With oil production being uncertain, how can humanity's needs be satisfied while minimising impacts on the environment? Produce in a different, healthier, and more sustainable way – that is the challenge that METEX wants to help meet.

Twenty years ago, we had a vision of an industrial world without oil and the slightly crazy dream of contributing to this transition with green industrial chemistry. A GLOBAL CHALLENGE. No one had really done it before, and we knew the road would be long and hard. In less than 20 years, one hundred or so passionate researchers have met that challenge by coming up with something better than petrochemistry. Using industrial biochemistry, they have created the basis for producing products essential to daily life without oil and with a superior performance. We have filed over 500 patents worldwide. Two technologies are ready for industrial application to supply the quantity and quality of products needed to satisfy consumer expectations and provide for everyone's well-being.

We have done it, we are 20 years ahead.

Contribute to the necessary transition from petrochemistry to renewable chemistry.