The company is a pioneer in industrial biochemistry. For its dynamism, it counts on men and women dedicated to paving the way to an alternative to petrochemistry.

The METEX employees who are participating in the Alternative NOW initiative
embrace four values:


A key to sustainable growth, innovation is central to METabolic EXplorer's core business. It goes hand in hand with creativity, a spirit of enterprise, and calculated risk-taking. Motivated by a continual quest for improved performance, METEX employees cultivate intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness to create and seize opportunities to achieve the company's objectives.


To be adaptable, one must be sensitive to one's environment, know one's objectives, and be able to call into question one's habits. This requires foresight, responsiveness, and versatility. With the constant desire to contribute to the company's improvement, METEX employees listen to their fellow employees and can define and adapt priorities; they are pragmatic and efficient.


Multidisciplinarity involves a combination of sharing information and ideas, a strong spirit of teamwork and cooperation, and taking into account the needs of other departments. Since success is a matter of personal and collective efficiency, METEX employees seek interaction with their co-workers; they challenge each other to find solutions; together, they define and contribute to achieving ambitious shared goals.


Competitiveness is nourished by ambitions, challenges, expertise, reliability, performance, and excellence. Guided by the aim to optimise technologies, METEX employees are proud fighters whose ambition is to transform innovation into revenue.