Alternatives to petrochemistry

METabolic EXplorer has developed a competitive technology for the production of PDO by fermentation of raw glycerol from vegetable or recycled oils.

Nowadays, many textiles are made using petrochemical processes. Textile fibres produced from oil have an impact on the ecological footprint. One challenge the textile industry is facing is being capable of producing synthetic fibres from renewable raw materials.

Polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) is an ultra-high-performance textile fibre that can serve as an alternative to standard nylons and polyesters such as PET. PTT has many advantages like greater shininess, softness, and elasticity, and colours that fade less. However, the growth potential of PTT is limited because only small quantities of PDO (1,3-Propanediol), the key precursor for PTT production, are available.

METEX's aim with its competitive PDO technology is to accelerate PDO accessibility and thereby help fulfil the growth potential of the PTT market.

Driven by the strong growth potential of PTT, the PDO market is expected to increase by 15% to 20% annually between now and 2020. PTT applications represent 75% of the PDO market.

(Source: Advancy Analysis)