An « individual-responsibility » company

The management team

Benjamin Gonzalez

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Gonzalez founded METabolic EXplorer in 1999 based on work done for his doctoral thesis. A driving force in the company's development, he is in charge of devising and implementing its strategy, particularly with regard to financial matters and business development. Under his leadership, the company has entered a phase of industrial and commercial development. Benjamin Gonzalez has an engineering degree and a PhD in biotechnology.

David Demeestere

Industrial Managing Director

David Demeestere has more than 30 years of experience in the management of industrial operations, holding production management, site management and general management positions in the sectors of fine custom chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, production of highly active ingredients in confined environments and biotechnology. He worked in the groups Synthelabo, Sanofi-synthelabo, Tessenderlo, Astrazeneca, Minakem and Ajinomoto, and spent 5 years of his career in Belgium. David Demeestere trained as an engineer in industrial chemistry.

Antoine Darbois

Chief Financial Officer

Antoine Darbois has 35 years’ experience in speciality chemicals and high-tech materials. He has held general management positions at subsidiaries of Pechiney/Carbone Lorraine and in the Explosives and Chemical Products group. He has extensive experience in the creation and management of joint-venture companies in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Antoine Darbois has a degree in civil engineering from the Ecole des Mines and is a graduate of the Institut d'études politiques Paris.

Philippe Soucaille

Chairman of the scientific committee

Philippe Soucaille joined METabolic EXplorer in 2002. He is an internationally renowned professor at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Toulouse, an engineering school recognised for its biotechnology programme. Previously he was senior scientist and project manager at Genencor International Inc. (USA), where he was in charge of an industrial collaboration programme with DuPont. His research has led to disruptive innovations for the production of chemical products from clean and renewable raw materials.

Autonomous and responsible teams

Under the leadership of the chairman and chief executive officer, the company's management is autonomous and responsible. Autonomy and collaboration are encouraged in METabolic EXplorer's operational approach to promote creativity and initiative and to enable employees to carry out their projects in a responsible manner.


Stéphanie VITRANT

Administrative Support


Business Development


Industrial Property


Bio Sciences


Industrial Sciences

Sébastien RIFFLARD

Human Resources

Delphine VAUTRIN


Emilie PLANE