Biochemistry is concerned with the chemical processes that occur within living organisms, including microorganisms.

Oil-based chemistry is unsustainable
Plant-based biochemistry is an alternative.

METabolic EXplorer has focused its efforts on exploiting the biochemical diversity of microorganisms and fermentation to create processes that are alternatives to petrochemical processes. Its goal is to help make the world more sustainable by creating biological processes for producing items that form the basis of our everyday consumption.

At the industrial stage, biochemistry helps create alternative supply sources to oil by transforming renewable raw materials from plants and by reducing the environmental footprint of production facilities through the use of industrial fermentation instead of industrial chemistry.

METEX invests in technologies where biochemistry makes the process more economical and adds value to uses of the product made with the biological process.

Producing differently, producing better, and thereby offering alternative solutions to us as consumers – that is why our company exists.