METabolic EXplorer :
an industrial biochemistry company

Know-how in orchestrating natural chemical reactions to reach competitive and efficient industrial processes.


Builders of living organisms
20 years of experience in the exploration, optimisation, and contract assembly of biochemical reactions of microorganisms.
Accelerators of innovation
An organisation designed for collective creativity to respond effectively to industrial and commercial constraints.
Trainers of bacteria
Optimising the biochemistry of microorganisms to efficiently convert renewable raw materials available today and tomorrow into chemical compounds used in our daily life.
An accelerator of development: the know-how
Added together, our achievements are a tremendous accelerator of development, in particular for the biochemistry of sulphur, carbon, and nitrogen.


A relevant model: a reflection of full-scale production
A scalable pilot model, a versatile tool, complete and integrated, that adapts in a relevant way to the development of each process by taking into account the industrial, energy, and environmental constraints of full-scale production.
A guarantee of optimal competitiveness
Proven economic performance from the standpoint of capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) owing to the use of non-conventional raw materials (e.g. waste oils), economical processes such as continuous anaerobic fermentation (lower energy consumption), along with the use of by-products, biomass and the planned, integrated, and long-term treatment of effluents.
A provider of turnkey industrial alternatives
Owing to its technical expertise in fermentation and downstream processing (DSP) for solid and liquid forms, its foresight of industrial feasibility for the targeted applications, and its solid engineering capabilities, METEX can guarantee the industrial performance of processes right from production-plant start-up.
An accelerator of development: know-how
Added together, our achievements are a tremendous accelerator of development: through the knowledge we have gained of the product families produced and purified (alcohols, organic acids, amino acids), of the behaviour of the raw materials, of management of the multiple unitary operations, of the many types of supplier equipment tested and sized, and of the testing of applications.