Our mission and our know-how are thus perfectly aligned with the three Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030:
  • Enable everyone to live in good health and promote well-being at all ages (SDG 3)
  • Establish responsible modes of production and consumption (SDG 12)
  • Take urgent measures to fight against climate change and its repercussions (SDG 13)

Consistent with this identity and our innovative positioning, we have adopted three key commitments to serve as the basis of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

During a period of transition, when we are embarking on a new stage of transforming our innovative processes into industrial realities, CSR makes us more vigilant regarding all social, societal, environmental, and governance factors related to our activities and our stakeholders.

Key commitments

The three commitments of the CSR policy are operative across all the company’s activities. Each commitment is translated into objectives for all dimensions of CSR policy – environmental, social, societal, and governance.

1. Responsible producer: Changing the way we produce

  • Develop technical processes that make use of local renewable resources
  • Have a quality control policy and excellent traceability
  • Implement rational ecological management of our raw materials and waste
  • Offer manufacturers biochemical solutions that deliver ever-improved environmental and health performance

2. Responsible employer: Team-up to foster innovation

  • Support employees’ professional development with training programmes and career advancement opportunities
  • Rely on METEX’s know-how, professional approach, and culture to ensure the successful employee integration and productive collaborative relationships
  • Create a work environment where women and men have equal opportunities and are treated in the same way. METabolic EXplorer is attentive to gender equality as evidenced by its score of 96/100 in the gender equality index 2021.
  • Establish efficient channels of social dialogue and communication between management and employees
  • As the company grows, continue to ensure workplace safety and maintain sustainable and balanced working conditions

3. Responsible partner: Care for our partners

  • Apply socially and environmentally responsible purchasing practices
  • Support local economies in regions where the company operates, notably through entrepreneurship initiatives and the biochemical sector
  • Promote ethical behaviour, both internally and with our external stakeholders
  • Be transparent with and attentive to our shareholders and customers

Through the development of innovative biotechnologies, we now offer manufacturers viable alternative technologies that use renewable resources and that are designed for mass consumer goods markets. Our solutions contribute to ecological and sustainable growth while also delivering health benefits.

Since its founding, METEX has based its development on essential values shared and supported by its employee each day:

  • Inventiveness : innovation to promote sustainable, value-creating growth

  • Adaptability : the world is constantly changing, but by remaining attentive to new developments and our partners’ needs, we are able to build a long-term business in an evolving environment.

  • Transversality : our actions each day are performed responsibly, taking into account today’s world and tomorrow’s

  • Competitiveness : the striving for better performance will accelerate the transition to new and more sustainable modes of production