Our development strategy is based on our capacity to respond to identified industrial needs.

Our technologies can be adapted to diverse industrial activities in multiple geographic markets.

Because the world is changing and no two partners or projects are alike, METEX offers more than one model of collaboration. Cooperation with METEX always takes the form best adapted to the joint search for value creation and to the achievement of defined objectives. Having an adaptable business model is the best way for METabolic EXplorer to capitalise on each of its proprietary technologies.

For 20 years, METEX has had an active policy of protecting and reinforcing its innovations, from the upstream research phase to industrial completion. This robust and dynamic industrial-property strategy based on the protection of technological inventions with patents and the protection of the resulting products with trademarks or the secrecy of proprietary know-how ensures that METEX and its partners have a strong competitive position and the freedom to exploit its production processes throughout the world.