Inspired by nature, tailored for animal.
METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION proposes solutions and products for animal nutrition market that aim to reply to the new sustainability challenge of livestock industry: a better resource usage, the reduction the climate change impact of animal production, the decrease of antimicrobial use and the animal welfare improvement.

With more than 40 years of experience in industrial fermentation, METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION production facilities commit on a model relying on circular economy, local resource, environmental respect.

The product portfolio of METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION is composed of 11 amino acids, all obtained by fermentations, registered as feed additives in European union and commercialized through different brands.

Among them, NOOVALIFE range includes all amino acids produced in Europe, in our factory of Amiens (FR)s, and recognized for their lower carbon footprint. METEX ANIMAL NUTRITION has also developed a line of solutions dedicated to gut health and welfare, made up with INNEUS®, unique solutions highlighting functionality of amino acids, and B-NOOV®, first bio-sourced butyric acids available on the market.
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