Alternatives to petrochemistry

With the successful development of the first completely oil-free L-Methionine that is totally natural and that offers performance 35% better than that of petrochemical methionine, METEX has proven its expertise in the development of complex amino acids. It intends to use this recognised know-how to become a major player in the field of animal nutrition.

In 2050, the world's population will exceed 9 billion. According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), 70% more food is likely to be needed to feed everyone throughout the world. That will require the meat, dairy, and poultry industries to use efficient, sustainable means to increase productivity while protecting animal health in order to meet rising worldwide demand.

METEX's ambition is to help respond to the opportunities in animal nutrition and health in terms of both quantity and quality. This will call for improved production, stronger competitiveness of livestock farming, greater traceability, less use of antibiotics, and thereby healthier products, resulting in improved health for animals and humans alike.

In the field of animal nutrition, METEX has extensive knowledge of the organic acids used as additives. By drawing on its acquired knowledge in amino and organic acids such as butyric acid, METEX intends to help decrease use of antibiotics in livestock farming.

The world market for additives for animal feed was estimated at $15 billion in 2013, with a forecast of over $28 billion in 2021.

(Source: World Animal Feed Additives Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020)