METabolic EXplorer announces the second process resulting from its ALTANØØV platform for the production of L-Valine

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16 November 2021
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METabolic EXplorer announces the second process resulting from its ALTANØØV platform for the production of L-Valine

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METabolic EXplorer announces the second process resulting from its ALTANØØVTM platform for the production of L-Valine

  • Patented technology

  • Fermentation process validated at the pre-pilot stage

  • Purification process under development

  • New solution for animal nutrition

  • Reinforcement of METEX NØØVISTAGO’s competitiveness


Clermont-Ferrand, 1 December 2021 – (FR0004177046 METEX), METabolic EXplorer (METEX), a leader in industrial fermentation for the production of natural-origin ingredients for animal nutrition, cosmetics and biopolymer markets, announces the second process resulting from its ALTANØØVTM fermentation platform for the production of L-Valine for the animal nutrition market.

Building on its biotech expertise and innovation via its ALTANØØVTM platform, particularly in relation to amino acid production pathways, METabolic EXplorer has developed a proprietary bacterial strain for the production of L-Valine by fermentation. The fermentation process, validated at pre-pilot scale, indicates that the strain is significantly more competitive compared with current technologies.

The purification process, which is being developed in parallel, aims to obtain a functional ingredient rich in L-Valine. This new solution will enhance the product range offered by METEX NØØVISTAGO, the European leader in the production and marketing of amino acids produced by fermentation. This differentiating ingredient is part of the development of functional and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of animal nutrition, such as animal health and well-being, reduction in the use of soy proteins in the manufacture of animal feed and lowering of the carbon footprint of meat production.

L-Valine is an essential amino acid for animal nutrition and has been produced by the METEX NØØVISTAGO subsidiary since 2009, under an exclusive licence from Ajinomoto Inc. for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The growth in demand for this amino acid in animal nutrition is estimated at between 15% and 20%[1] a year, driven by reductions in protein levels and the use of soy in feed formulas for poultry and pork in various producer regions, including Asia.

Benjamin Gonzalez, CEO of the METabolic EXplorer Group, says: “The L-Valine technology is the first concrete example illustrating the rationale behind the acquisition of Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe. Less than nine months after the takeover, the teams’ complementarity and synergies are being harnessed to boost competitiveness, facilitate the transfer of technological innovations to industrial scale and contribute to bringing new animal nutrition products to market as soon as possible. These are all key factors in becoming the European leader in the production by fermentation of functional ingredients for animal nutrition, cosmetics and biopolymers.”

During the first half of 2022, the product batches required to submit an application for approval to market animal nutrition in Europe will be manufactured in the demonstrator. Once the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has considered the application, the European Commission will decide whether to authorise the product for the animal nutrition market in Europe. METabolic EXplorer emphasises that this process is estimated to take an average of 24 months.

[1] Source: FeedInfo



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About METabolic EXplorer

Using renewable raw materials, the company develops and industrialises innovative and competitive industrial fermentation processes as alternative to petrochemical processes to meet consumers’ new societal expectations and the objectives of the energy transition. Its functional ingredients of natural origin are used in the formulation of cosmetic products, nutrition-animal health or as intermediates for the synthesis of biomaterials.

The METEX NØØVISTA production unit, located in Carling (Moselle), allows the METEX Group to bring 1.3 propanediol (PDO) and butyric acid (BA) on the market.

The acquisition of AANE, which has become METEX NØØVISTAGO, the leading European producer of amino acids for animal nutrition, enables the METEX Group to realize its ambition to become one of the world market leaders in functional ingredients produced by fermentation.

Based at the Clermont Limagne technology park, near Clermont-Ferrand, METabolic EXplorer is listed on Euronext in Paris (Compartment C, METEX) and is included in the CAC Small Index.

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